• “A journey without a purpose is meaningless, and even when it is over it seems to make no sense.”--A Course In Miracles

    Dr. Sharon Michelle

    Hi! I am Dr. Sharon Michelle and I confess there was a time when I moved through life searching for purpose, not knowing what direction to follow. I wished I had been given a compass that could guide me through life. I know I am not alone. In my 16 years of practice as a psychotherapist, I have seen client after client struggling to find purpose in life. We are all on a journey in life, but if you do not have a clear purpose, you have no clear direction and life feels meaningless.


    If you are on a journey without a purpose, you may feel tired, depleted, and unmotivated to continue moving through life this way. For my clients, a lack of purpose often shows up as relationship problems, weight issues, stress, dissatisfaction at work, illness, or an overall poor sense of self.


    Many of us have spent many years looking and asking for direction. However, you will never find the answers outside of yourself. The truth is, we were all given an internal compass that can guide us each day. We just have to learn how to access it. It begins by taking a journey within yourself.



  • “If you let yourself be blown to and fro, you lose touch with your root. If you let restlessness move you, you lose touch with who you are. “–Tao Te Ching

    Dr. Sharon Michelle

    No purpose = No Sense of Self

    When you walk through life without a purpose you do not know what you want, you do not know where you are going and you no longer know who you are. You are unconscious of self and of life. When you walk through life in this way, life will change you. You will feel fragmented, disconnected and an overall sense of lack like something is missing. You will be blown in every direction that life chooses to take you. If you are not rooted in a strong sense of self, you will be blown away. It is my mission to guide you through your life and help bring you back to self. You will no longer be changed by life, but instead you will change the world around you by standing firm in the truth of who you are with purpose.

    Your Purpose

    You have a purpose. It lives within you. It is time to stop wandering around looking for your purpose and begin to take the journey inward. Your journey inward will help you discover your true self and the gifts you have to offer. You have music within you that is uniquely you--your purpose. It is time to find it and share it with the world.

  • Mind Over Grind, PLLC

    A Soul-Centered, Whole Mind Wellness Approach

    Mind Over Grind PLLC was created when I understood the journeys of life do not have to be a struggle. In fact, when we learn why we experience the things that we do, life becomes much easier.


    Mind is short for mindfulness practices and Grind represents our push and forceful nature to make things happen. Mind Over Grind is a call to be more mindful and less forceful as we navigate through life.







    Dr. Sharon Michelle Edmond

    Lead Psychotherapist at Mind Over Grind PLLC

    **No Longer accepting new clients**

    As a Black woman, I have worked very hard to get where I am. I have grinded through school and career to reach my goals. When I finally thought I reached the finish line, I was exhausted and depleted, yet looking around for what was next. I was so used to working and pushing forward, I never stopped to enjoy life. I missed so much because I was stuck in the grind.


    When I started using mindfulness in my life, I realized how much more I can accomplish and enjoy. I also became very clear of my purpose and for the first time the direction I took in life was not as important as how I showed up for life.


    I started working with my clients using mindfulness and acceptance and commitment therapy. I have seen clients make positive changes in their lives in our work together due to their willingness to change.


    I describe my style as a teacher and a guide. I teach you about how the mind works and what makes you behave, believe, and think as you do. I then guide you through practices that will help you reach your goals for therapy. I can't promise you change, but I can promise my presence, engagement and skills, I am good at what I do and confident that our work together will be meaningful,






    Sederia Moore

    Psychotherapist at Mind Over Grind PLLC

    My name is Sederia and I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who is passionate about working with individuals and families who struggle with both physical and mental health challenges.


    In my experience working in healthcare settings, I've found that our physical health is often interconnected with our mental well-being and I have made it my mission to provide clinical care and guidance to those experiencing hardships and existential crisis.


    Stress, anxiety and depression often present physically in the form of muscle tension, gastroenteritis issues, weight fluctuations, hair loss, etc. We tend to downplay these symptoms and rarely look at the underlying causes and conditions. When we isolate our physical challenges from our mental, we miss the mark in rejuvenating our mind, body, and spirit.


    The complexities of the human condition require that we find purpose, meaning and connection in our lives. When we are deficient in any of these areas, we often begin to experience a lack of self-esteem, self-worth and value, which manifests heavily in our personal relationships and professional lives.


    So, what's the solution? What if I told you that you had the key all along, and amplifying your strengths could help you unlock a sense of fulfilment. Through strength-based, solution-focused and mindfulness-centric approaches, I can support you through the challenges you are currently experiencing and help you remove the barriers that have been blocking you from accessing your internal resources. We all have the capacity to find nourishment and fuel from within.


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